Inulin and Visceral Fat

Inulin and Visceral Fat

Did you see the BBC programme the other night with Angela Rippon called “How to stay young”?

It was a fascinating programme with some great insights.

One of which was that Angela Rippon, now 71, looks great for her age, she exercises, eats extremely well and supplements herself with everything that can help her stay fit and healthy - and it appears to be working..

However - in the programme she has a MRI Scan to see what is happening inside her body and she is shocked to discover that although she has very little fat on show - she had a lot of internal fat called visceral fat.

Visceral fat is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas and intestines.

This fat can cause a lot of health problems.

Angela was really shocked by this and wanted to know how to fix this problem..

HIgh resistance starch in large quantities can help with this - however not wanting to eat a hundred weight of lentils everyday, Angela was prescribed a course of Inulin, a Fructooligosaccharide also known as FOS. Which can be derived from chicory and pulses.

It appears that this fibre supplement called Inulin - really helps to reduce this visceral fat.

The addition of Inulin to the diet has been shown to help reduce the absorption of fat by up to 50%, this is thought to be due to the action of inulin and fibre has on the gut bacteria helping to develop colonies of healthy gut flora specifically Bifidum bacteria which helps encourage better digestion and elimination of fats.

In fact Inulin it is known to be a great aid with fat loss in general.

So if you are looking for help with fat loss - both external and visceral fat this is well work looking into.