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Fastt Patches


The Wei FASTT Patch and WHITEE Patch are topically applied Chinese herbal mixture attached to waterproof surgical tape. (It looks like a band-aid). When placed on the injured area, the herbal ingredients migrate slowly through the skin and accelerate the healing of acute and chronic injuries, as well as injuries caused by overuse.

Fastt Patches speed up recovery by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. They also increase the necrotic tissue break down and other biological activities necessary for damage repair. FASTT Patches also noticeably reduce pain within a few hours on acute conditions. In layman's terms, FASTT Patches dramatically reduce inflammation and promote cellular rejuvenation, helping your body heal itself naturally and quickly, so that users don't lose strength due to the injury. Seriously, I have never seen anything work so efficiently or quickly on an acute injury.

FASTT PATCH Ingredients - 15 All Natural Herbs

FASTT Patch Treatment is recommended for bone, tendon, ligament, muscle, bursitis, TMJ and post-surgical wound in acute condition. This includes acute injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures and all stages of tendonitis.


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