Tamsin Lakhani

Tamsin has a broad range of training in fields such as biomedicine, bach flower remedies, nutrition, herbs and Indian head Massage and is currently training as a counsellor. She uses all these modalities with her clients where it is needed.

This has allowed her to work with people who have a wide range of problems such as hormonal imbalances (PMS. PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids), perimenopause and menopause, low immune systems, digestive issues, detoxing, and supporting people through cancer treatment.

There is so much information available online today which can be overwhelming and confusing to decide what to follow. Also, we have to take into account and respect the fact that we are all unique and individual and what works on one may not work on another. This is where there can be great benefits from working one-on-one with a trained practitioner to achieve your health goals.

Tamsin works on the ethos that mind and body are connected and attempts to approach each client holistically. She believes in working with a client collaboratively to find the best tailor-made protocol to fit in with their lifestyles to achieve the desired results. 

Book an appointment with her to have a free 15 minute exploratory call and begin a journey of healing.

Email: radiant.holistic.therapies@gmail.com

Telephone: 07312850688