Judy Watson

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Judy   is an  award winning  nutritionist (GWIIN 2019)  and is celebrating  20  years since qualifying in 2000  at the renowned  Institute of Optimum  Nutrition. Since then  she has helped over 7000 people  1 to 1 to  help manage  their health concerns using   peronalised diet and supplements.   She was the  resident nutritionist  for Champneys  2002 – 2019  while still running private clinics.

Judy  is  also a regular contributor to national  magazines with   the most recent one  in  My Weekly  Sept 22-29 issue 2020 with a  7 day diet plan to survive lockdown.

Most clients will  find that they will see health benefits  within 4 weeks of having an appointment.  With  the tests including   food intolerance testing vitamin checks & dna testing  to  support their plan.

Nutritional therapy   often works well with  digestive issues: bloating, ibs,  weight management,  improved energy and can be helpful for  allergies, headaches and hormone support, dietary support for cycling and marathons.

Website  www.judywatsonnutritionist.co.uk   Email:jlwatson65@hotmail.com