Get 3+ hours more energy every day with Floradix

This is a guest post by Matt Harwood, the designer of the new website, and customer of Health Emporium.

I've suffered with a chronic lack of energy for at least the last 10 years. Being diagnosed with POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) my body finds it tough to move blood around the body, and increase/decrease heart rate and blood pressure easily.

After I began the project to redesign the Health Emporium website, Andy Lowe the man behind this fantastic company suggested I tried something called Floradix. It's a liquid iron formula which contains optimum levels of C and B vitamins. These vitamins are crucial for the proper absorption of the iron, something that is lacking in typical iron tablets you may receive from a GP, for example.

As soon as I started taking Floradix twice a day, my life changed completely. I slept much, much better from the evening dose (before eating dinner), and the morning dose (before breakfast) has given me at least 3 extra hours of energy each day. Coming home from a hard day's work used to see me collapse and stress about what I still needed to do that evening. Now I get home (if I haven't gone out somewhere else!) and relish the time to power through the evening, working on other projects or spending more (lucid!) time with my family.

After seeing such an incredible and immediate change, I've recommend Floradix to family and friends, who have all had a very similar boost to their days. All of this without caffeine, without any other stimulants or substances. Just the building blocks for healthy blood and optimum travel of oxygen through your body.

That is what natural health is to me, making sure the natural processes of your body are working perfectly, instead of looking to jitter-causing cans or cups to get you through the day.

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