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Marigold Yeast Flakes 125g


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Nutritional Savoury Yeast Condiment
  • Made with inactive yeast and no additives.
  • Sprinkle onto food for a cheese-like, nutty flavour.
  • Rich in B Vitamins and trace elements.

Engevita Yeast Flakes contain excellent levels of B Vitamins, Phosphorus, Iron and Magnesium. It is a purely natural strain of Saccharomyces Cerevasiae, grown on enriched, purified molasses under controlled conditions. This yeast is inactive and is free from candida albicans.

Use these yeast flakes as a condiment to give a rich, cheesy, nutty enhancement to soups, salads, vegetables, rice, breakfast cereals and so on. You can also dissolve this yeast to make healthy drinks, stews, broths and casseroles.

Healthy Supplies staff gave these yeast flakes a try and thought they had a savoury flavour, rather like vegetable stock as well as being reminiscent of a mild cheese on toast.

Marigold Yeast Flakes 125g - Health Emporium
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