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Superfoodies Cacao Powder


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Discovering the joys and wonders of raw chocolate over a decade ago, Detox Your World's Raw Cacao Powder was the first to be organically certified in the UK.

Over years of careful research and taste testing by the experts at Detox Your World, this Cacao Powder has been enjoyed by thousands since 2000 and continues to be UK's trusted and loved cacao powder.  

Cacao Powder is a pure, unrefined, raw cacao product that unlike confectionary chocolate, contains zero sugar and milk. Thus it is suitable for those with dairy allergies. 

With a tempting aroma, raw cacao powder contains vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fatty acids. Anti-oxidant rich, it has a delightful, full rich chocolate flavour and our cacao powder has absolutely no chemicals, no hexane and no solvents.

What Is Cacao Powder?

This raw cacao powder is prepared from 100% certified organic Criollo beans, which have been carefully cleaned and dried at low temperatures. The Criollo is a superior variety of cacao bean that accounts for only 1% of the total world cacao production.

  • The process of criollo cacao beans to raw cacao powder firstly starts by washing and drying the beans to make cacao nibs.
  • The cacao nibs are then at a low tempeature, milled by a special machine (imagine a pestel and mortar but on a much larger scale!) to make cacao liquor. (Cacao liquor is like one big block delicious raw chocolate!)
  • The cacao liquor is then taken to make either cacao butter or cacao powder. (Cacao Butter is created by extracting oil from the cacao liquor). 
  • When the cacao butter has been extracted from the cacao liquor, with what is left of the cacao liquor, it is milled again and cacao powder is created. 
  • Compare this process with cocoa or confectionary chocolate, near the start of the process, cacao beans would have been roasted at high temperatures and then have sugar and fats added to it. As well as the unwelcome added ingredients, the high heat at which it would have been roasted would also have reduced the antioxidants and other nutrients compared to raw cacao.

Cacao Powder Benefits

  • A powerful flavour and intense aroma of chocolate and deliciously rich in flavour
  • Contains a variety of vitamins (including vitamin C)
  • Contains a selection of minerals (including iron, chromium, anandamide, theobromine, manganese, zinc and copper)
  • Contains fibre and essential fatty acids (including omega-6 fatty acids)
  • Contains virtually no caffeine
  • Contains PEA (phenylethylamine), tryptophan and serotonin
  • The cacao beans from which this product has been made are incredibly pure and contain no mycotoxins, fungi or yeasts
  • Certified organic by "Organic Farmers & Growers", the UK’s leading government accredited organic certification body

How To Use Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is a wonderful ingredient in a array of different raw food recipes. The quickest and simplest way of using cacao powder that is very popular for many is to add it into smoothies, for a delicious chocolate tasting hit!

Superfoodies Cacao Powder - Health Emporium
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