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Grapefruit Seed Extract 15ml


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Key Benefits of BioCare Liquid Grapefruit Extract:

Biocare Liquid Grapefruit Extract provides concentrated grapefruit seed extract in liquid form which is particularly suited to those who have difficulties with tablets and capsules. It is safe for use during pregnancy.

Liquid Grapefruit Extract provides a highly concentrated form of grapefruit essential oil for gut health and microbial balance

Effective - Grapefruit oil may contribute to gut microbial balance & overall gut health, thanks to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties

Optimum support - Provides 36mg of grapefruit oil extract taken from the peel of grapefruit

Health properties - Grapefruit is a rich source of proanthocyanidins, antioxidant molecules that have approximately 50 times more free radical scavenging ability than vitamins C and E

Unique formulation - Can be diluted and used for a range of purposes including as a mouthwash, throat gargle, or vaginal douche

Flexible - Easily mixed into liquids or food. An alternative to tablets or capsules or for those with swallowing difficulties

No unnecessary additives

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Approximately 68 days' supply at 3 drops per day

INGREDIENTS : Water, Preservatives (Acacia Gum & Xanthan Gum), Grapefruit Oil ) Citrus paradisi Peel), Antioxidant (Natural Mixed Tocopherols).

Liquid Biocidin (Grapefruit Seed Extract) 15ml - Health Emporium
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