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Nature's Answer Lobelia Tincture - 30ml

Nature's Answer

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Nature's Answer Lobelia is an organic alcohol containing, Kosher tincture, offering 240mg per serving.

Nature's Answer Lobelia can be used to treat coughs as well as a pain reliever.

Nature's Answer organic alcohol extracts are produced using a cold proprietary extraction process, yielding a Holistically Balanced standardised extract. Liquid extracts are absorbed faster than tablets or capsules.

Holistically balanced guarantees that the constituents of the extract are in the same synergistic ratios as in the plant. Manufactured in Nature's Answer's FDA registered, cGMP certified and pharmaceutically licensed facility.

Contains : Lobelia (L. inflata) Whole Herb Extract, Purified water, 18-25% ethyl alcohol.

Natures Answer were founded in 1972, and to this day remain a family-owned and operated business. With the highest standards for their natural products and liquid herbal extracts, Natures Answer is dedicated to purity and top-notch manufacturing.

Natures Answer want to be as comprehensive as possible in the testing they do and the standards they follow. That's why they measure their product safety against both European and US standards.

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