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Our Philosophy

In 2008 married couple, Silke and Stephan had a vision that they made into a reality. They had a simple goal of creating a natural cosmetic brand providing the best of glamorous conventional cosmetics with certified, resource-conserving organic ingredients. benecos was born! bene meaning “good” in Latin and cos for “cosmetics” the brand literally means good cosmetics.

Award Winning

At benecos we are proud of each and every award that we have won. Some highlights include; Our Raspberry Lip Balm winning a Best Buy Award in The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2019 and 2018! Our Classic Lip Balm winning the overall Best Free From Skincare Product in the 2017 Free From Skincare Awards and the 7 awards our free-from Nail Polishes have won in the last 5 years in the UK alone

At benecos we feel ingredients such as mineral oils, paraffins and silicones do not benefit the skin that is why we only use natural and organic ingredients. We carefully select ingredients that will only care and nurture your skin.

Mineral oils

are made up of hydrocarbon compounds which have a different structure to the skin meaning they cannot be absorbed so sit on top of the skin. They result in skin feeling soft and silky but it disrupts the natural regulation of the skin.


are known to clog pores and can enter the body when applying lipstick or lip gloss. They can be harmful when swallowed as they do not break down easily and may accumulate in the spleen, liver or lymph nodes.


are synthetically produced and added to products to give your skin the silky smooth feeling that everyone wants. However, as the particles are too big to penetrate the skin it creates the illusion that they are working when in fact it is just short term. They are also responsible for the long lasting effects of lipstick and lip glosses.

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