Powerful Support for optimal Prostate Function

Powerful Support for optimal Prostate Function

As you age, it becomes important to pay attention to your prostate and urinary tract health. Promoting normal prostate size, urinary frequency and ability to void becomes important, and by promoting all three, men are able to get a better night's sleep.*

The berries of the saw palmetto, a low-growing palm tree native to the southeastern U.S., contain a number of beneficial compounds, including flavonoids, sterols and fatty acids that support prostate health. Millions of men worldwide use saw palmetto for this purpose. Our premium grade OptiProstate® XTS formula contains high concentrations of beneficial fatty acids and biologically active sterol compounds.*

Clinically researched:

Beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto have been used in research studies for male urinary and prostate health. The result: they were shown to be efficacious and well-tolerated.

What the research reports:

Clinical research indicates the nutrients in ProstaCol 

promote and maintain urinary health. Specifically, they:

  • Promote healthy flow
  • Help maintain normal frequency

ProstaCol also supports bladder tone and promotes overall prostate health.

Each Bottle Contains 90 Vegetarian Capsules:

Phytosterol complex 115mg

Saw Palmetto 107mg

Stinging Nettle 107mg

Pygeum Bark 33mg

Lycopene 5mg

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