Pine Needle - something for your DNA

Pine Needle - something for your DNA

The best benefits of pine needle tea may include maximizing the immune system, improving vision, preventing respiratory infections, stimulating circulation, avoiding chronic disease, increasing cognitive performance, strengthening heart health, and speeding healing. With more than a hundred varieties of pine trees in North America alone, you must use the correct pine needles, as some varieties may contain toxins or cause negative side effects.

What is Pine Needle Tea?

Pine needle tea has been considered an important medicinal tool for indigenous cultures for thousands of years. While formal research is somewhat limited on the subject, the anecdotal evidence of its benefits is undeniable. Pine trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere but are now found across the world, from cold to subtropical regions. Pine needle tea is consumed in the US and many Asian cultures.

Oxidative stress in obese people can be a deadly combination and can lead to higher rates of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. The antioxidants in pine oil, such as carotenoids, sterols, and polyphenolic compounds, can help to lower inflammation and blood pressure in the cardiovascular system, protecting the body from these potentially fatal health conditions.

According to a research report by Jin Boo Jeong et al., a water extract from pine needles showed a high level of antioxidants and DNA-protective properties. These characteristics are the same as common to cancer chemo-preventive agents, says the research.