Does phone radiation kill sperm?

It’s an important question: does phone radiation kill sperm? With male fertility dropping across the globe it’s important to pay attention to anything that could be having an impact. And scientific studies and medical research is increasingly coming out that says mobile phone radiation is causing male infertility by killing and damaging sperm.

Even when the phone radiation doesn’t kill the sperm it can damage it so badly it can’t fulfil its purpose. Sperm need to be in tip top condition but phone radiation can affect them in various ways.

Sperm viability is, basically, whether sperm are alive are not. They have a tough job and many will die in the pursuit of fertilisation so there needs to be plenty at the start. For a good level of fertility 60% or more of sperm need to be viable.

Sperm motility describes how well the sperm can move. They need to be able to swim forwards strongly. Good levels of fertility depend on lots of this kind of strong swimming sperm. But some sperm can’t move at all, some just a little, and some can move but only in a zig zag or curving shape.

Sperm count is a familiar way of talking about fertility. Fertility is a number’s game so we need lots of sperm in that semen. It’s measured per millilitre and on average there is 20-40 million sperm per millilitre. Under 15 million and the sperm count is officially low.

Testosterone levels are important because when the male hormone is produced, sperm is also produced. So if low levels of testosterone are being made then low levels of sperm will be too.

But how does phone radiation kill sperm? We’ve seen how there are lots of factors that go into making healthy, strong sperm that can get the job done. Mobile phone radiation has been found to disrupt each of those factors.

In fact, some experts published their research and said mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm. Being battered by radiation that can damage and kill DNA and cells is seriously bad news for sperm.