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Protect yourself from mobile radiation with WaveWall Airtubes.

Mobile radiation was classified as a possible carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation and regular wired headphones pipe radiation straight up to your head, along with your music. The innovative design of the WaveWall Airtubes stops radiation in its tracks.

Part way up the cord and a safe distance from the head the radiation shielded wire stops and hollow flexible tubes take over. This stops radiation from your mobile phone being conducted up to the head along the wires. Just as wires conduct electricity they conduct dangerous electromagnetic radiation too.


Even if you are taking other precautions against mobile phone radiation you could be exposing yourself to risk with conventional headphones. Using headphones and hands-free functionality helps keep the phone itself away from the head and brain but that effort could be ruined by the radiation transmitted along the headphone wires. That’s where anti-radiation headphones come in…

Mobile phone radiation is a “possible carcinogenic” according to the World Health Organisation and increasing numbers of studies link it to male infertility and cancer – particularly of the brain.

The stylish and sleek black design of our anti-radiation headphones is a classic look, with built in microphone and button. Flexible tubing and comfy earbuds are perfect for on the go. Walking, travelling or exercising, everyone needs protection from mobile radiation. Sound is crisp and clear with good bass and all the more enjoyable for being safe and not risking your health. Whether you are listening to music, audiobooks, or chatting on your phone, WaveWall Airtubes protect you from mobile radiation.

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