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Your Zooki Liposomal Citrus Orange Vitamin C 30 Sachets


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British brand Zooki has proved to be a very popular Liposomal C option.  Not only does it have a high absorption rate of 95%+, it also has a taste you will come back for. It is versatile too -  it mixes better than most Liposomal products currently on the market. For all-round performance this is one Liposomal C product you can not ignore.

Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C protects the vitamin C as it passes through your digestive system, preventing it from damage and digestion for effective delivery into the bloodstream - increasing absorption and preventing waste. Significantly, it also allows it to cross the blood barrier straight into your system.

What are Liposomes?

Humans can't produce or store vitamin C. All the vitamin C we need we have to get from our diet, and because we can't store it, we have to replenish our blood with vitamin C every single day. The problem is, when we take vitamin C orally, it has to go through our digestive system - hardly any of the vitamin C actually makes it to our cells. To combat this, Zooki utilises a patented liposomal encapsulation process to wrap the vitamin C in 'liposomes'. Liposomes shield the vitamin C during digestion, and accelerate the absorption and delivery of the vitamin C into your cells.

Liposomes as a shield

A liposome is a tiny sphere that carries ingredients. Made up from a phospholipid bi-layer, the outside shell encapsulates the vitamin C forming a tiny bubble that shields it from the outside. When you take traditional vitamin C supplements, some of it gets lost during the digestion process and even less actually makes it to your cells. The liposomal shield ensures as much vitamin C as possible makes it into your bloodstream.

Liposomal delivery

Once the liposomes have transported the vitamin C through your digestive system and into your body, they will deliver the vitamin C directly into the cells. Vitamin C is water-soluble: it has trouble getting into a cell through a cell membrane which is fat-based. Liposomes overcome this by merging with the cell membrane of your cell, transferring its contents to the inside of the cell. By using liposomes to transport vitamin C, we can ensure that as much vitamin C as possible makes it to the cells that need it.

  • Using Liposomes to Increase Cellular Absorption of Vitamin C
  • Fighting Fatigue - Immune Defense - Collagen & Anti Ageing
  • Nutrition Information /15ml Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg (1250% NRV*)
  • Vitamin E 6.7mg (55.83% NRV*)
  • Ingredients Glycerin Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Proprietary Blend (Sunflower oil containing Phosphatidylcholine and Vitamin C as L-Ascorbic Acid)
  • Purified Water Natural Flavours (Citrus oil and Vanilla)
  • Vitamin E Natural Colours (Beta Carotene)
  • Potassium Bicarbonate Sucrose (<0.1g)
  • Oleic Acid Acid (Citric Acid)
  • Suggested usage 1-2 sachets daily otherwise advised by a health-care professional.
  • Have straight from the sachet or mix with water. Can be mixed into smoothies, yogurt and porridge



Your Zooki Liposomal Citrus Orange Vitamin C 30 Sachets - Health Emporium
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