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VEA Zinco


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All the actions of VEA LIPOGEL with 30%(micronized) Zinc oxide. A Zinc Oxide paste that also delivers the actions of Vitamin E, providing a protective barrier effect, anti-inflammatory action, reepitheliazation activity and  the actions of Zinc Oxide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action absorbing action and astringent action. Indicated for all areas of cutaneous folds, sweating and reddening.
Great on hands, feet and nappy areas, after Radiotherapy and on sunburn.

Excellent emollient, protective antioxidant;
Strengthens and mantains the skin barrier;
Relieves and soothes tender skinallowing skin to heal naturally;
Calm discomfort;
Mantains skin integrity in areas of contained sweat;
Provides a protective barrier to neutralize irritants that can cause diaper rash.
Irritated or crack skin due to external agents;
Helps prevent diaper rash and heals dry skin;

Apply an adequate quantity of VEA ZINCO on desired area at least twice a day or as frequent as desired and gently massage.

This product contains zinc oxide and as similar in use to the Potters Psorasolv that we used to sell.


VEA Zinco
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