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VEA Spray 100ml


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Rapid cutaneous absorption, can be reapplied frequently in case of bothersome pruritus or irritating dermatitis. Possesses all the actions of Vitamin E, with just 2 ingredients. Indicated for pathology in all conditions of  Dermatitis with little dryness of any kind with or without pruritus. Application on the piliferous zones, non greasy and non sticky. Easy to apply on large cutaneous surfaces without touching or causing trauma to damaged skin, also making it hygienic.
Specific indication, cutaneous irritation and dermatitis.  Readily accepted by the skin as it is not occlusive, It is light and does not irritate even in extremely hot and humid days. It helps prevent cutaneous damage from UV rays before and after Sun.
Also Protective on hair in all situations of stress due to sun exposure, swimming pools, sea and beauty treatments(dyeing, tinting, etc).

Suitable for large cutaneous surfaces;
Spray applicator to avoid trauma from rubbing delicate skin areas;
Emollient, antioxidant;
Dry or crack skin surface;
Easy topical application on larger surface;
Protects delicate skin;
Shields skin against harmful effects of free radicals;
Helps skin maintain its optimum moisture level;
Removes make-up with less irritation than soap and water;

Spray on desired area and then massage until completely absorbed at least twice a day.

As a body moisturizer after bath or shower care it is recommended to apply VEA SPRAY on wet skin. Ideal to use on areas after hair removal and waxing because of its healing, moisturizing and soothing action it minimizes irritation.

In order to protect hair, it is recommended that you spray VEA SPRAY (about 6-8 spurts) at least half an hour before any cosmetic trauma such as (straightening, dyeing, hair dryers, perms, swimming, sunbathing). For frizzy, bushy or hard to manage hair the use of VEA SPRAY (a few spurts) after washing reduces volume and aids styling. Assists in the treatment of Trichorrhexis nodosa (hair breakage) or from trichoptilosis (split ends) it is advice to use VEA SPRAY every morning for the first month, then 2-3 times a week for the following months.

VEA SPRAY pure vitamin E nebulizier using compressed air with an innovative ecological system, distributes evenly, therefore the spray action is constant and guaranteed, even if the can is tilted or upside down (when used in any particular position).

Please note we cannot ship these to the US as these are considered dangerous goods.

VEA Spray 100ml
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