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VEA® OLIO 20ml


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Our top seller,( the number one selling emollient in Italy for the body as listed in the IMS data) is VEA® OLIO, which is a pure Vitamin E Oil, A Viscous oil extremely dense just one ingredient, a honey like texture. The benefit of this product is that it doesn't run and remains in the same spot when applied, It is indicated for serious cutaneous alterations, has anti-inflammatory action, reepithelialisation activity and lenitive on pruritus (itching).

Mainly used on skin damage with cracks, rhagades, small bleeding cuts, small ulcers or Integrated skin: (small burns, localized dermatitis, insect bites  area where topic cortisone is not advised, severe localized dryness and severe localized pruritus). It is also used in the mucosa areas or perimucosal areas.

Works well after laser treatment, and strongly indicated for crack or sore nipples, with only one ingredients of a food grade, shows that it is also safe for babies.VEA OLIO. 100" Vitamin E (tocopherol) acetate (excipient free) it comes for the first time in an oil base. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect (by quenching free radicals) to protect polyunsaturated fatty acids in the membrane phospholipids with a ''stabilizing'' result on the membrane itself.
VEA OLIO contains no preservatives, excipients, fragrances, colourants to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
It is stable when exposed to heat, air, light and UV rays.
It is extremely tolerable as it shows the rarest cases of allergic reaction.

Apply a small quantity on desired area then gently massage until completely absorbed, repeat application twice daily or as frequent as required.
Since Vitamin E is similar to the membrane phospholipids of the epidermic cells, which turnover (replacement) takes place in a month on average, in order to point out the benefits derived from the use of VEA OLIO, it is necessary to use it for 20-30 days (of constant treatment).

For nursing mother during breastfeeding, provides protection and prevention of cracked nipples (massage delicately for a few seconds around nipples) rendering it soft and elastic; shields the skin of the breast from micro traumas caused by suckling; recommended to apply after nursing, thus the protective action is performed until the next feeding; it is not necessary to clean off VEA OLIO before breastfeeding as VEA OLIO is edible; it is advised to start moisturizing and massaging your nipples a few days before delivery;
-in case of chapping or cracks, restores and works as a barrier protection for subjects who frequently wash their hands in their occupation or are exposed to irritating chemicals.
Apply VEA OLIO before coming in contact with chemical agents or harsh detergents, reapply several times during work, always before coming in contact or when you need more of a ''protective film''.
-on skin reddening after sun exposure: VEA OLIO applied in the evening, carries out a moisturizing and emollient action, with a soothing and calming effect (it is advised that you spray VEA SPRAY over VEA OLIO and gently massage: which allows you to spread VEA OLIO in a more homogeneous way).
-on nails: apply a thin layer on the base of the nail twice a day. 

VEA® OLIO 20ml
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