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VEA® CREMA PF  + VEA® PF-C magra 
High anti oxidant creams controls numerous factors of proinflammatory cutaneous with the effects of an emollient action, stabilizing the biological membranes with antioxidant action and antiinflammatory action. Indicated for the Face, reddening, anti ageing, atopic dermatitis, and for the body it can help in the reduction of stretch marks.  For anti ageing care, can be used for after filters, after biorivitalization, after radiofrequency, after botox.
VEA® PF-C  + VEA® PF-C magra,  have an additional ingredient which is free ascorbic acid, this range of cream are high in polyphenols .

The extensive research carried out by our laboratory has allowed us to stabilize (for the first time), in a cream, free Vitamina E and polyphenol bringing to life a new product line from our range. VEA CREMA PF is an innovative combination of Vitamin E (as free tocopherol), polyphenol extracted from green tea and grape seed in a high concentration made stable for a long period with a patent pending. These antioxidant compaunds protect the skin and helps to diminish signs of ageing and degeneration of collagen and elastin.

Relieves dry skin;
Assisting in the prevention and reduction of enviromental aggressors, by stregthening the skin's natural defence against the damage caused by free radicals;
Tones down the ageing effects of the skin caused by overexposure to the sun and everyday pollutants;
To minimize and reduce stretchmarks;
Decreases the appearence of fine lines;
Provides a protective barrier to prevent dryness and minimize moisture loss;
Provides a protective barrier to neutralize irritants that can cause diaper rash.

The regular use
Helps mantain, tones and promotes a fresh, luminous, healthy looking complexion;
Restores the skin from the damaging effects caused by external pollutants;

Apply not less than twice a day, or as frequent as required, message for a few seconds until completely absorbed.

The beige colour of VEA PF is due to the polyphenols and vitamin E. It is recommended that the product is completely absorbed in order to avoid contact of the cream with light colour clothes.

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