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Tangerine Essential Oil 10ml


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Species: Citrus reticulata
Plant Family: 



Native to China but now produced in many countries worldwide including Argentina. It's name comes from Tangier in Morocco which was the first port involved in shipping the oil to Europe.


The oil is cold expressed from the peel of the fruit.


Antiseptic, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, depurative, sedative, stomachic and tonic.

Usage & methods of application: 

When used in creams or lotions or massage blends Tangerine may be included to reduce and prevent the appearance stretch marks, increase circulation in the skin and reduce fluid retention. It's also used to treat acne, skin blemishes, dry and cracked skin. It's also sometimes used in massage blends for the abdomen aimed at improving the digestive system. 

It can also be included in shampoos or conditioners for the hair when it's used to combat dandruff and a dry, flaky scalp. 

Tangerine is often burned or vaporised as a soothing and calming oil. It's calming to the nervous system and so is useful in times of stress. Again, it's sometimes burned or vaporised to stimulate the digestive system.

Blends well with: 

You may find that Tangerine essential oil blends particularly well with Bergamot, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Clove, Frankincense, Lavender, Nutmeg and Neroli.

Tangerine Essential Oil 10ml - Health Emporium
Tangerine Essential Oil 10ml - Health Emporium
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