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Fushi Shilajit Blend 60 Caps


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Fushi Shilajit extract is a high strength blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs used traditionally to boost stamina and performance.

A blend of -

Shilajit- With a minimum of 20% Fulvic acid, a powerful electrolyte to support gut health, Shilajit is nutritionally dense in minerals iron, calcium, and zinc, also considered a powerful rejuvenating and adaptogenic herb. Sourced from the Himalayan mountains.
Mucuna  Pruriens (Kapikacchu) - to further potentiate the effects of Shilajit and boost its absorption.

This blend is  also created with added Tulsi and White Musli, Ayurvedic herbs for rejuvenation and energy.

Why Fushi Supplements?
- Freshly ground by hand in our London workshop
- Encapsulated by hand within 3 days of being ground to ensure freshness
- Naturally sun or air-dried ingredients, preserving nutrients & quality
- 100% pure natural ingredients and nothing else
- Sustainable packaging - glass bottle with aluminum lid

 Full Ingredients List

60 capsules. Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (capsule shell), Shilajit (asphaltum) extract (Min 20% Fulvic acid), Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens), White Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum), Shilajit (asphaltum). No added: Wheat, lactose, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, yeast.

Fushi Shilajit Blend 60 Caps
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