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Salus Herbal Teas


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Salus Herbal Tea Range.  

The herbs used in the manufacture of our tea range are subjected to stringent and comprehensive scientific testing, using the latest techniques and laboratory equipment. Having passed all the necessary tests, the herbs are then hygienically filled into unbleached filter bags which are free from all chemical additives.

Numerous quality control procedures and comprehensive documentation at all stages of production ensure the highest standards are reached, so that you can enjoy your tea to the fullest.


Who is this product Suitable for?
All Salus teas are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. *Certified organic according to EEC Regulation no. 2092/91. Free from tannin and caffeine (apart from Mate).

Salus Organic Herbal Tea Range PER PACK PRICE PIP CODE
Anise-Fennel-Caraway* 15's £2.79 235-6004
Camomile* 15's £2.79 235-6053
Dandelion* 15's £2.79 235-6061
Fennel* 15's £2.79 235-6079
Hawthorne* 15's £2.79 235-6087
Horsetail* 15's £2.79 235-6095
Lemon Balm* 15's £2.79 235-6103
Mate* 15's £2.79 235-6129

Nettlewort* 15's £2.79 235-6145
Peppermint* 15's £2.79 235-6160
Sage* 15's £2.79 235-6186
St John's Wort* 15's £2.79 235-6194
Thyme 15's £2.79 235-6202
Lemon Verbena ( Vervain) 15's £2.79 235-6210
Yarrow* 15's £2.79 235-6228
Salus Herbal Teas - Health Emporium
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