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Rosa Mosqueta 50ml


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Rosa Mosqueta is an Andean wild Rose, Rosa aff. Rubignosa, that has been a beauty secret of Chilean women for centuries.

The rosehips of this unique flower of the Rose family are exceptionally high in Essential Fatty Acids (nearly 90%). Essential Fatty acids are needed to produce hormone like substances called Prostaglandins that are used in the repair of skin tissue. In analysis, Rosa Mosqueta was found to contain high amounts of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, originally thought to be the source of its regenerative effects, but research at the University of Seville Dermatology department also found itto contain Trans Retinoic acid, a compound related to vitamin A, involved in the process of generating new skin cells. The combination of these factors make the oil a potent tool in the repair and maintenance of healthy skin. The research at Seville University has led to a broad use of the oil in post operative scar clinics, and Rosa Mosqueta can even help to attenuate the marks left by old acne scars. For this purpose, it is best used over a period of about three months, during which time a gradual improvement should be seen.

Because Rosa Mosqueta delivers these essential fats directly to where they are needed, they can also substantially improve complexion for those who just wish to retard the signs of aging on the skin. Rosa can help to reduce the signs of sun damage, wrinkles and stretchmarks, and improve the texture of ‘normal’ skin. Good levels of these fats are also essential for skin hydration. Most people are chronically deficient in Essential Fats, and even those who supplement their diet may find that because the skin tends to be the last place these nutrients get to, they may benefit from topical application. To quote the world renowned expert on dietary fats, Dr Udo Erasmus;

“An optimum intake of healing oils (EFA’s) contributes to soft, smooth, velvety skin without a hint of dryness.”

Recent publicity has surrounded its use by top make up artist Christina Baker, who revealed in the Sunday Times that she used it on the stars of the ‘Calendar Girls’ film (including Helen Mirren, Julie Walters) and that Catherine Deneuve has been using it as a night oil for years. Rio Rosa Mosqueta is cold pressed and without additives.

The original brand of the famous natural beauty oil, pressed from the hips of a wild rose that grows only on the Southern slopes of the Chilean Andes – and has remained the secret of South American women for centuries.Unprocessed and free from additives, Rio Rosa Mosqueta is extremely high in a broad range of Essential Fatty Acids, crucial for the repair andmaintenance of soft healthy skin, and can provide these important nutrients directly to where they are needed.


Rosa Mosqueta 50ml - Health Emporium
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