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Otosan Ear Drops


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OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS prepared on the basis of an ancient herbalist’s recipe and enriched with Propolis, are the perfect solution to all ear care troubles.
Almond and maize oils, with their emollient power, soften the earwax and improve its removal from the ear canal.
Essential oils, camomile extract and propolis develop a hygienic, soothing and balsamic action which protects your ear and improves its natural physiological defences.
OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS contain neither preservatives nor dyes and thanks to their natural active principles they can be used by adults, children and people using an external auditory prosthesis since they do not dry the skin and respect the ear’s natural sebaceous physiological balance.


• Cajeput oil
Tropical plant with unquestionable hygienic qualities. It helps also keep a good psychosomatic balance.

• Geranium oil
Plant originally from Africa with exceptional soothing and calming qualities.

• Juniper oil
Obtained by pressing berries, it has balsamic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

• Almond oil
Used since ancient times for its extraordinary emollient qualities, it helps keep earwax soft.

• Camomile extract
With recognised soothing and calming qualities, it also develops a skin protective action.

• Maize oil
Energising emollient with emulsifying qualities.

• Propolis extract
Substance produced by bees with extraordinary hygiene and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Otosan Ear Drops - Health Emporium
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