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Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas/Water Production Electrolysis System


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osmioOsmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas & Water System

The Osmio Infinity creates HydrOxy from water. HydrOxy is a gaseous mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen & ExW, the key nutrients for all ‘water based’ life. HydrOxy gives true hydration, which your body NEEDS to heal. HydrOxy contains a trifecta of nutrients the body NEEDS to heal.

Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas Machine

There are two really important points to note about this system.

1) The quality of the final gas completely depends on the water quality and the changeover procedure of the water

2) The system needs essential maintenance every 200 hours. Our training and certification program is mandatory for anyone looking to rent or buy. This is ensure that all users know how to make the water and when exactly to change it, and what dosage to apply and how.

The key to operating the system effectively to produce hydroxy gas without any electrolyte by products or atomised metals. The maintenance involves cleaning, inspection, corrosion repair and parts maintenance, leak testing and gas quality testing. If you wish to purchase the system and carry out your own maintenance process, please contact us to discuss. 

Training & Certification

In order to operate the Osmio Infinity MK9 safely you will be required to complete our training program. This teaches you all there is to know about the safe operation of the equipment. The training program is available at a one-off cost per candidate: £170.00 including VAT (discounts available for multiple candidates). Once the training is complete you will receive certification post to commend successful program completion. Our course runs through all required training as well as health and safety. The course has a test at the end and the full course (including the test) can be completed remotely. Practitioners will be required to re-certify every 2 years.

About the Osmio Infinity

The Osmio Infinity can generate up to 50 liters per hour (lph) of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gases.  This is about 830 mL/m of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. This mixture of gasses has names such as Brown’s Gas, HHO or HydrOxy. The Osmio Infinity can be used continuously with minimal maintenance.

Please note this machine comes with a EU plug so it is suitable for the UK, Ireland and EU (220-240 VAC 50 Hz). If you require a US 110V version, then contact our team. 

Why the HydrOxy works:

The Infinity machine generates a high energy bio-available gas called HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas, BG, HHO or OxyHydrogen); that our bodies need to heal (from disease and wounds) prevent & reverse the symptoms of aging. HydrOxy travels in your blood into every cell for nutrition & relief of issues related to dehydration (literally meaning ‘lack of hydrogen’).

HydrOxy is the world’s BEST non-toxic anti-oxidant and antiinflammatory; with anti-apoptotic (cell health) & cytoprotective (cell protective) properties.

HydrOxy (as a gas) can be:

* Directly Breathed (while sleeping, relaxing, etc.)

* Spot applied or Bagged, (to the skin) HydrOxy infused SUPER WATER can be:

* Drank (amazingly healthful water)

* Topically Applied to Skin

Since 1995, copious empirical and anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of HydrOxy has been reported; mostly by people who already had electrolyzers and were trying ANYTHING to achieve better health. The amazing results these people reported finally convinced some scientists to study hydrogen for health starting about 2005, resulting (as of 2017) in over 600 studies of over 170 ailments… ALL of which prove HydrOxy supplementation WORKS fantastically WELL!

Warranty includes parts, labour and shipping if issue is manufacturer related. If Warranty is invalid (because of user or shipping abuse), we will still repair any issues for lifetime if purchaser pays for parts, labor and shipping.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We can’t guarantee any particular result because every body is different.

However, because we are SO CERTAIN you’ll be happy with this machine, we have a 100% no questions asked one YEAR money back satisfaction guarantee (from the date you receive the machine). Our customers come first!

We reserve the right to discount the refund to cover any customer related damage.  (normal wear and tear is expected and will not be discounted).
Adequately package and insure when shipping to cover potential shipping damage.


The Osmio Infinity is able to operate continuously without over-heating.  Some electrolyzers ‘out there’ can only operate for a short time (often less than an hour) without having to be shut off to cool down.  The Osmio Infinity is designed to operate 24/7 and doesn’t even need to be shut off when refilling with water. The Osmio Infinity keeps it’s operating temperature below 39°C to lessen lye loss (from moisture in the gas) and increase generator lifespan.


The Osmio Infinity has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.

Running ANY electrolyzer out of water can cause electrode degradation, internal over-heating and explosions that could lead to damage and harm.  Most electrolyzer manufacturers don’t mention this issue because they do NOT have low liquid level shutoff. They depend on you to visually check the liquid level frequently.

The Osmio Infinity shuts off the gas production when liquid level gets low, so no danger condition can exist.  Osmio Infinity also has a low level alarm and indicator light, so there is no question when the liquid is low.

Low level control also allows the Osmio Infinity to be used as an oxygen source for Mammals needing additional oxygen…
… with the additional benefit of getting hydrogen (something an oxygen concentrator or bottled oxygen can’t do).

Liquid level control is REQUIRED in applications where the electrolyzer is going to operate unattended for long periods of time; for examples:

  1. When needing extra oxygen all night (also gives hydrogen and ExW).
  2. Using HydrOxy to continuously bubble water for hydroponics / aquaponics.
  3. Automatically feeding HydrOxy to a furnace for combustion enhancement.
  4. Creating ‘NEW WATER’.  New Water is water that’s had its memory entirely erased and the things that you can do with it (like programming for health and transmutation) are astounding!



The Osmio Infinity has a high water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets high. If electrolyzers get over-filled they can spit lye out into your breathing gas or drinking water.  Also the high level sensor allows for future upgrade to automatic water fill. Over-filling can be caused by a failed anti-backfill system (check valves fail), so the high liquid level shutoff is also an important backup safety feature.


The Osmio Infinity allows people to easily and accurately VARY the gas output. This functionality is VITAL FOR SAFETY when breathing hydrogen mixtures.
Most ‘other’ electrolyzers ‘out there’ do not have this feature.

The Osmio Infinity made gas volume adjustment convenient and accurate with electronic buttons and display so that a person can KNOW EXACTLY how much HydrOxy is being produced… And this is VITAL, not only for safety but to individually optimize the effectiveness of all the HydrOxy protocols.

HydrOxy is 100% NON-toxic.  There is nothing in the gas that is toxic. The Osmio Infinity is specifically DESIGNED to help you prevent breathing a gas mixture that contains more than 4% hydrogen.

Breathing some hydrogen has been proven beneficial in hundreds of scientific studies, the studies are usually done at 2% hydrogen in air; for safeties sake; and at 2% there is still a significant health benefit with NO negative side effects.

But ‘fixed gas production’ doesn’t address the issue that smaller adults and children (even infants) could also benefit from hydrogen supplementation and need FAR LESS hydrogen (for safety).  They breath less air, so the hydrogen volume needs to be correspondently reduced!

The Osmio Infinity can have FULL GAS PRODUCTION (50 lph) for all other applications / protocols AND then the gas production can easily and appropriately be reduced to keep the mixture breathed ‘non-explosive’ for any sized ‘mammal’.


One thing that medical science is currently ‘re-discovering’ is that frequencies matter.
So for those people who understand what frequencies will help their ailments, we’ve added the (electronically controlled) ability to ‘impress’ frequencies onto the HydrOxy.


The Osmio Infinity has an advanced ‘anti-backfill’ feature, that reliably prevents the water in the filter, humidifier and bubblers from ‘back-feeding’ (getting sucked back) into the electrolyzer upon shutdown. 


We’ve added a ‘reserve’ tank to the machine, so it can operate for hours longer between ‘refills’.  This is needed when using the Osmio Infinity for applications requiring continuous use.  At 100% gas production the Infinity can go 10 hours on a fill; if ‘breathing’ at 40% production, the Infinity can operate over 24 hours on a fill.

TOWER CAP pre-scrubber 

The main purpose of the Tower Cap is to prevent lye from leaving the Infinity.  It is ‘tall enough’ that the lye mist tends to settle out and (mostly) pure gas comes out of the top of the Tower Cap. The Tower Cap also allows you to see if you have foaming, prevents ‘plugging’ and reduces maintenance. 


The function of the Humidifier is to filter out any residue of lye (NaOH) that comes out of the machine with the gas.  It normally does a really good job.  If there is not enough liquid or if it isn’t changed often enough, this function becomes compromised.


Hour-meter to make it easy to know when to do the maintenance rinsing, (about every 200 hours of 100% use).
It’s designed to give a ‘true use’ reading, so if (for example) you are using your Infinity at 25% gas production, the meter will ‘slow down’ by 75%; thus when it finally reads 200 hours, it will be ‘as if’ it was 200 100% hours, even if it took 800 ‘actual’ hours to reach that reading (because you were running at 25%).


Gas Volume is sufficient (~ 50 LPH) to ‘charge’ water quickly and supports the 4 treatment protocols.

You Can:

  1. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for healthful drinking and for feeding to plants and animals.  Can also be used to enhance hydroponics, aquaponics, fish growth, etc.
  2. Bubble (infuse the water with HydrOxy) for topical treatment of skin issues and wounds.  Also bubble foot bath or bath water for full body treatment.
  3. Bag limbs to use HydrOxy gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and various pain relief (like arthritis and carpel tunnel).
  4. Direct BREATHING (inhalation) of HydrOxy gas (hydrogen / oxygen mixture), to efficiently put the hydrogen directly into the blood for fast, efficient whole body hydration.



Timer switch, for convenience and efficiency.  Treatments can be easily timed so no gas is produced beyond timing needed.  It shuts itself off when you are finished.
The timer switch also has a ‘continuous’ setting, so that HydrOxy can be produced for extended times (until the low liquid level switch shuts it off).


This switch completely shuts off power to the Infinity.  Most other electrolyzers only shut off the ‘power’ wire (like the timer switch would), leaving the neutral wire connected to the Grid.  For safety, we shut off BOTH the power and neutral wires.


Infinity is CE safety certified and passes CSA/UL and Australian standards.Some manufacturers try to bypass this (expensive) certification by claiming that all components used are safety certified and while this is good (if true and includes the electrolyzer chamber too), it does NOT mean that the MACHINE as a whole is safety certified.


Osmio Infinity has a 2 psi electrical shutoff AND a 3 psi over-pressure gas relief. These are IMPORTANT safety factors because when water is turned into gas, it expands and  ‘wants to’ take up 1800 times more space.  If confined to a specific volume, (enclosed container without release) the internal pressure rises until the machine bursts and/or explodes.


Osmio Infinity uses a lightly caustic electrolyte mixture designed to achieve practical efficiency with minimal foaming and to promote long internal plate life.
(about 4 ounces (115 grams) of lye in about a quart (1 liter) of water).
This mixture IS technically caustic but can be safely used if appropriate care is taken.  It’s about as caustic as strong dish soap.

ATTACHMENTS that normally come with the Infinity.

1.  2 of Nasal Cannula for Inhalation; (also used for bubbling tube and/or bagging hose).

2. 1 of Humidifier (to scrub HydrOxy of any possible lye mist) + attachment hose

3. 1 of Soft Silicone HydrOxy Spot Applicator (with hose and adaptor)

4. Basic Operation Manual (updates, upgrades and additional information will be in the online Resources).

5. Medium Bubbler (with hose from Humidifier)
So you can infuse your drinking water AT THE SAME TIME as breathing the gas.

6. Additional bubbling stone,
so that you can bubble the HydrOxy into other containers of water.

7. Tower Cap (with check valve installed) + regular cap for shipment.

8. Humidifier holder

Possible Applications of the Osmio Infinity

• Spa’s & Wellness Centres ~ skin hydration & cell regeneration

• Fitness Centers ~ increase performance

• Senior Centers ~ antiaging and rejuvenation

• Personal Home Use ~ disease mitigation & prevention

• Hospitals ~ faster wound healing & stroke treatments

• Hydrogen Bars ~ add to existing oxygen bars

• Hydroponics & Aquaponics ~ accelerated growth of plants and fish

• Veterinary Clinics

Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas & Water System - Health Emporium
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