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Organic Red Lentil Mini-Fettuccini 227g


A revolutionary single ingredient pasta made from legumes such as Red Lentil and Black Bean. This makes it suitable for anyone and everyone, from those who want to stop the starchy carbs to those who have food allergies but still want to enjoy tasty, satisfying meals.

Its packed with protein, vitamins and minerals so you know you are doing good when you serve it up to your family!

One cup of legume pasta is equal to 1 cup of veggies, so its perfect to get the kids eating their 5 a day without them causing a fuss! Choose from Red Lentil or Black Bean in Penne, Rotini or Mini-Fettuccini shapes. Improve yours and your family's diet with this incredible gluten free, healthy alternative to everyday pasta.


  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Suitable for Celiacs, Diabetics and Top 8 Food Allergy Sufferers

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