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Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C


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A NEW potent Organic Elderberry Extract combined with Vitamin C rich Brazilian acerola cherries developed by Viridian Nutrition.

Vegan formulation providing a natural immune support remedy for the whole family with research showing faster recovery from colds and flu.

Viridian's Elderberry Elixir can be given to children from age 1+ years and has no added sugars, artificial preservatives, sweeteners or additives.

Featuring Austrian elderberry extract standardised to oligo-proanthocyanidins (OPC’s) guaranteeing the required amount of active compound.

One level teaspoon (5ml) provides:Organic black elderberry extract (16:1) 800mgProviding 30mg OPCsOrganic freeze-dried acerola cherry 391mgProviding 66mg of vitamin C in a base of organic glycerine (from coconut)

DIRECTIONS: As a vegan food supplement take one to three teaspoons daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Can be taken directly off the spoon or diluted with water.Age 1 – 6 years : 5ml (1 tsp daily)Age 7 – 12 years : 10ml (2 tsp daily)Age 12+ : 15ml (3 tsp daily)

Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C - Health Emporium
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