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Living Nutrition SIBO-GO (Previously named Candi-X )

Living Nutrition

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Our Immune range contains specifically targeted products for various immune-related issues.

Beyond the benefits of the individual herbs, these fermented supplements offer some distinct advantages for supporting immunity.

As the herbs are bioactivated and accompanied by their various enzymes and cofactors there is no additional burden on the body or expectation that the body must supply these cofactor nutrients when it is already in a challenged state. Fermentation increases the production of polyphenols, transforming them into cellular messengers that have a deeper ability to support immune function. Fermentation also creates many additional compounds that directly support immune health such as beta glucans and immune-modulating peptides. In addition, as with all our products, they are rich in beneficial microbes that have their own specific benefits to immune balance.

  • 100% plant-based, organic fermented nutrition
  • Superior bioavailability
  • Higher levels of polyphenols
  • Mantains natural synergy
  • Rich in enzymes and biotics
  • No isolates, excipients or additives
  • Gentle on the stomach 


For daily maintenance take 1 capsule twice daily with food.

Capsules can be opened and added to drinks or smoothies or mixed into food.

Avoid taking with hot foods or drinks, which may damage the delicate nutrients.

Ingredients: Kefir-kombucha fermented and freeze-dried organic garlic, organic oregano, organic thyme, organic clove

60 Caps

Living Nutrition SIBO-GO (Previously named Candi-X )
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