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Incognito Anti-Mosquito Spray Repellent 100ml


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Clinically tested to provide 100% protection against Aedes aegypti - Zika and Dengue carrying mosquitoes for 4.5 hours and good protection for up to 7 hours. Our award winning spray contains no DEET or other harmful pesticides. incognito® has been certified by the Soil Association as being 100% natural and can be used by all the family including young babies from 6 months onwards.

100% natural the active ingredient is plant-based PMD. PMD is NHS, WHO and Public Health England approved, and recommended for high-risk areas to protect against mosquito-borne diseases.

Citriodiol is a form of PMD similar to the version of PMD we use.  Citriodiol is derived from the lemon eucalyptus plant.  We use Citrepel 75® which is a more concentrated form of PMD.  It has 75% purity compared with Citriodiol which has a purity of 65%.  Citrepel 75® is known for its ability to stave off viruses and its insect repellent properties.  Look at our blog section for more information on this.  

incognito® spray can be used to spray the outside of any mask to allow a secondary layer of protection against viruses. 

According to our PMD supplier:

“Unlike hand sanitizer, which kills most bacteria and viruses on the hands at the time of application, but not beyond, PMD will potentially continue to destroy the coronavirus for up to six hours. This could have significant implications for helping contain the spread of the virus, particularly for medical and care workers, or anyone potentially exposed to the virus.”

incognito® spray has been independently clinically tested and is made in the UK to ensure the highest quality.

Aqua, menthanediol (PMD rich botanic oil), glyceryl citrate/lactate/linoleate/oleate, citronellol, cymbopogon martini oil,polyglyceryl-3 caprate, polyglyceryl-4 cocoate, glyceryl caprylate,cinnamomum camphora leaf oil*, citrus bergamia peel oil expressed*, xanthan gum, geraniol, linalool, limonene, farnesol, citral. Blended together in a unique secret process.

Read on for current info about this :

Our active ingredient, plant-based P-Menthane-Diol, was originally patented as an antiviral (product patent attached), and now that has become massively significant. 

As reported by Sky News, PMD products were trialled by the Ministry of Defence at Porton Down last month. Because incognito® products are much more concentrated, they offer more powerful protection against viruses than the one MOD initially trialled, and we subsequently received a large order for our spray.


As UK Military Test PMD against COVID-19, UK supplier confirms that their insect repellent products contain a purer form of PMD than Citriodiol. 


It has been widely reported that PMD is providing an extra level of protection to the military who are now testing how effective Citriodiol, a form of PMD is, against COVID-19.


UK insect repellent supplier incognito® have been inundated with enquiries from the public to clarify if their insect repellent contains Citriodiol.  incognito® explain that their insect repellent products contains Citrepel 75® a purer form of PMD than Citriodiol and explain that the patent outlining the efficacy of PMD against Coronavirus applies to PMD and not just Citriodiol.


Governmental advisor and chairman of incognito®, Howard Carter, has a dramatically superior solution to all of this, “As part of ‘enhanced’ protection, UK troops were given insect repellent Citriodiol containing 2% PMD. However, using a solution made with the finest grade PMD, such as the 21% PMD contained in incognito® repellent spray and roll-on will likely result in a stronger medication to battle against the Coronavirus. 


Using this strength of PMD in face masks and air conditioning systems could also make a major difference. The PMD used in incognito® has already been tested to be effective against influenza virus and Herpes Simplex Virus and the patent clearly indicates how this PMD could eradicate coronavirus [1]!”…


Howard Carter has previously advised governments on ways to lessen the spread of the Zika virus. He is also chairman of incognito® (, makers of sustainable PMD-based anti-mosquito products that won their second Queens Award last week. He explains why this strength and quality of PMD is so important, “Our PMD works by breaking down the lipid bilayer containing the double strands of RNA in the virus, to effectively deactivate it. 


Put in simple terms, the PMD ruptures the thin membrane of the Coronavirus, killing it. All our biocidal lines: insect repellent sprays, roll-on and Insect Repellent lotion contain 21% of the purest, high-grade PMD. And the information in the patent backs up its efficacy.”


The patent for "Antiviral PMD" states that “In tests we have found that PMD is effective against influenza… Influenza viruses… all possess a lipid envelope. Other examples of viruses having a lipid envelope include coronaviruses… The uses of the present invention may be adopted in sanitizing a surface, for example in a hospital room or ward. In such cases PMD is applied to the surface. The PMD is preferably either in a solution or present as an emulsion in suitable liquid carriers… PMD may also be included as an antiviral agent in household detergents, cleansers and creams, for example…hand gels… Therefore, according to another aspect of the invention there is provided a method of destroying or inactivating viruses on a surface comprising applying PMD thereto…” [1]

Howard continues, “There are other ways in which high-grade PMD could be used to help the military, for example, for use in face masks or in air conditioning systems. The patent states that, “PMD may be sprayed onto face mask material or impregnated into such material during manufacturing to prevent both ingress and egress of viable viral particles, towards or away from the individual. Thus the individual may be protected from viruses transmitted from another infected person or may use the mask to prevent his own infection being passed on to others. This would be of particular use against those viruses spread by droplet spray or aerosol. The PMD spray could be applied to either the outside or inside of the mask, or both. In masks made with replaceable filters, the filters may be similarly sprayed or impregnated during manufacture to allow replenishment in the most cost effective way. This would particularly apply to masks now being designed to look attractive and be reused repeatedly with replaceable filters. It may also be possible to impregnate the filters within air conditioning systems whether in hotels or in aeroplanes or other vehicles where public use is heavy. [0036] The face mask in accordance with the invention may be any mask conventionally used to protect a user from harmful material in the surrounding atmosphere .[1]”


“If the virus is deactivated on a large scale COVID19 would no longer be a threat to humanity. We are confident that it’s going to be a very powerful weapon in the armoury against COVID-19 as we’ve recently had a number of multinationals trying to get hold of our formulas in order to copy them. 

"Further testing is needed to ascertain the most effective delivery system for different concentrations of PMD. In the meantime, however, our incognito® products offer the best method of using PMD on skin, surfaces and clothing, while protecting people from insect bites."



[1] Patent for Antiviral Composition Comprising P-Menthane-3, 8-DIOL, International Application Published Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), World Intellectual Property Organisation – International Bureau, International Publication Date 22nd September 2005, Publication number WO 2005/087209 A1, P.3 and 6.

Please note incognito® is spelt with a lower case ‘i’.

[2] incognito® have scientific data demonstrating that Citrepel 75 is a purer form of PMD – containing 75% of PMD, whereas Citriodiol contains 65%.


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