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Digestive Relief Oral Spray


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We can all have too much of a good thing and Weleda’s Digestive Relief Spray is formulated for when this leads to indigestion and bloating. It may help by providing fast temporary relief with its unique formulation of traditionally used homeopathic remedies Carbo veg and Colocynthis. Easy to use and speedy in effect, keep one in your pocket for digestive relief at the push of a button.

Key ingredients:

• Carbo vegetabilis
• Citrullus colocynthis

Contains lactose. Must be eighteen years or over.

Each metered spray contains: Carbo vegetabilis 6X, and Citrullus colocynthis 6X. Purified Water, Ethanol 15.1% w/w, Lactose 0.5% w/v. Contains ethanol, see enclosed leaflet for further information.

Digestive Relief Oral Spray - Health Emporium
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