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Deuterium (D2) Level Determination Test

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Order your deuterium test today! Osmio Water provide an easy way for you to check you deuterium levels in your body. Simply order this test kit and follow the instructions to make a sample of your breathe condensate.

For UK residents your kit will include a free return label for you to send the sample back to us. For EU and Worldwide residents you can still order this test if you can post the sample back to us at your own cost.

Once we receive the results, we will email you a PDF report to show the deuterium level in your body tissues.

This is highly recommended if you are considering a course of Deuterium Depleted Water Therapy and to monitor treatment progress.

This is the test you need to start and monitor the progress of your deuterium depletion therapy. Once you order this test, we will first send you the kit, containing the jar and test tube, instructions and, for Uk residents only a prepaid return envelope.

D2 Determination Kit

This test serves to detect deuterium level in the organism tissues. Please note the results are not instant, you should collect your sample and post it back to us for laboratory analysis. Please note that testing deuterium requires specialist skills and the we aim to get your results back within approximately 2 weeks of us receving your sample back but it may take longer. 

Test components:

Manual, sample glass jar, transport test tube, blank test form. You will also need a stopwatch or timer.

How to use D2-Test?

Prepare for the test: wash your hands with warm water, unpack the test kit on a clean surface. Put the glass jar in the freezer for 20 minutes with the cap closed. Carefully read test kit manual, taking time to look at the pictures for correct jar and body position.

Follow these steps:

  • Take a glass jar out of the freezer
  • Sit up straight
  • Open the glass jar
  • Hold the jar by the bottom in your left hand
  • Breath in a jar through your mouth for one minute, vapour (condensate) will appear on the surface of the glass
  • Close the jar
  • Wait for condensate to settle at the bottom of the jar (5 minutes)
  • Open a transport testing tube
  • Pour collected condensate out to a small plastic transport test tube
  • Close the testing tube firmly
  • Complete test form
  • Put test tube and completed test form in the envelope provided, seal the envelope
  • Once you are finished with the jar you can rinse it out and use it for storage!
  • Please get envelope to the nearest Post Office (on the same day, when taking a sample!)

Important information:

This test is for UK mainland residents only (i.e. those with access to a Royal mail Post Office to send back the sample. You may order this test if you are outside of the UK, however please note that return postage would be at your own cost. If you are in need of any assistance or have any questions regarding the test procedure, please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 113 7181.

How to send the sample back

Put the test tube and completed test form into the envelope provided and drop it off to your nearest Post Office. Once you are finished with the glass jar you can rinse this out and use it for storage.

More Information
Model D2-1
In Depth Product Specifications:

Size: 70 x 20 mm
Net Weight: 350g
Volume: 5ml/100ml
Content: 1 x glass jar
1 x transport test tube
1 x blank test form
1 x manual

Uses: This kit is a single use kit but the jar you can keep and use for storage around your home!

Deuterium (D2) Level Determination Test
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