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If you are new to DOTs then a bioDOT pack is a great way to begin. Wearing a bioDOT recharges your batteries. Your energy field is stronger and more balanced. The bioBAND can be worn all the time even in the shower, bath or swimming pool.

The free smartDOT can be stuck to your most used device which is usually the mobile phone.

Using the bioDOT & smartDOT together makes a signifiant difference. Your exposure to and experience of 'energy interference' is greatly altered.

energydots™ EMF products are easy to use

  • Smartdots are ultra-slim 21mm ‘peel-and-stick on’ magnetic discs. They are particularly important for mobile phone radiation protection. Use them on any EMF device.
  • Biodots are ultra-slim 17mm ‘peel-and-stick on’ magnetic discs. spaceDOTs help reduce the effects of geopathic stress.
  • they can be applied to any suitable object
  • DOTs do not lose their energy signature if washed or worn in water.
  • energydots are EMF harmonisers. There are products that offer EMF shielding but this is not the purpose of energydots.
  • the DOT itself is a low power magnet acting as a storage device. Magnets are often used to store information for example a video tape, tape cassette and magnetic stripe on a bank card all act as storage devices.
  • energydots are activated by Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology® (developed exclusively by Global EMF Solutions Ltd). This activation is similar to homeopathic medicine or other vibrational remedies, where an energy signature is stored in a solid substance.
  • each energyDOT is programmed with naturally occurring bio-energetic information signatures according to its purpose
  • the powerful resonance held by energydot acts like a tuning fork on electromagnetic fields in its immediate environment.
  • it re-tunes man-made EMFs to a natural harmonic by a process known as the 'principal of entrainment’. 
  • The human body's electrical sensors recognise the re-tuned emissions as being in harmony with its natural healthy state. The body no longer needs to react defensively to emissions from the 'harmonised' device and electro-stress is relieved.
BioBand - Health Emporium
BioBand - Health Emporium
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