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No 4 Ferrum Phos Tissue Salt Soft


Iron Phosphate.

A biochemic remedy for blood stream oxygenation and for chills, fevers, inflammation, congestion coughs and colds. If you think you have fevers, inflammation or congestion, consult a registered practitioner before taking this product. If you are already receiving medical treatment, tell your doctor you are also taking this product. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT (in homoeopathic potency) Iron Phosphate B. Hom. 6x Adults 4 tablets. Children 2 tablets. Infants 1 tablet. Tablets to be dissolved on the tongue. Chronic cases 4 doses daily. Acute cases every half hour until relief is obtained; thereafter 3 doses daily.

Ingredients for No 4 Ferr Phos Tissue Salts ACTIVE CONSTITUENT (in homoeopathic potency) Iron Phosphate B. Hom. 6x

Contains lactase

Contains 432 soft triturated tablets


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