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Keep Healthy after Cancer

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This book digs deep into the scientific evidence and underlying pathways which help improve gut flora, expression of healthy genes, reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, all of which better the odds of a good response to treatment and long term remission.

It explains the practical day to day choices which can ease or help eliminate fatigue, hot flushes, weight gain, joint pains, low mood and numerous other side effects which are common place for too many.

Mitigate the risks of chronic diseases which are otherwise more common after cancer such as dementia, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.



“For my mum, this book has been fundamental in providing well needed support; arming her with the tools to win her own personal marathon”. Paula Radcliffe World Champion Runner

“This book is exactly what it says it – a practical manual to help you Keep Healthy after Cancer” Anne Dearey Lead Cancer Nurse

“In the age of information overload, separating the myths from the facts is vital to avoid being misguided, this book has enlighten me and my friends with relatable guidance which will help others going through the same experience. Julie Woodhouse survivor.

“Professor Thomas is to be applauded on his efforts to help patients help themselves on their road to recovery” Dr Mike Williams, former Dean, Royal College of Oncologist.

About the author

The main author of keep-healthy after cancer is Professor Thomas who remains one of the World leaders in lifestyle and cancer research. As well as 25 years’ experience in managing  patient care, he leads an active trials unit which has designed and published countless, internationally recognised, studies for which he was awarded The British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the year” As both a clinical teacher at Cambridge University and professor of sport and biological science at Bedford and Coventry Universities, he is in a unique position to critically review the scientific evidence which forms the backbone for this book.

Valuable contributions have been generously provided by Dr Daniel Bailey,Sports Scientist University of Bedfordshire; Dr Karl Neff, Consultant Endocrinologist, Kings College Hospital London; Dr Rob Lawson, Chairman British Society Lifestyle Medicine;Mary-Ann Howard Botanist at The Royal Horticultural Society Dr Jennifer Lenhart, Royal Hospital Integrated Medicine; Dr Catherine Woodward, Consultant Oncology, Cambridge University Hospitals; Dr Catherine Zollman, Practitioner Penny Brohn Bristol; Dr Ashwin Mehta, Integrative Oncologist California, USA; Gillian Horton, Patient Advocate, Australia; Simon McGuire, Patient advocate and mindfulness counsellor.

Keep Healthy after Cancer - Health Emporium
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