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Golden Greens Expert Organic Collagen Complex 100g

Golden Greens Organic

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Noticing fine lines?

Are you feeling that your skin could do with a boost?

Or perhaps you’ve noticed the appearance of a fine line or two? don’t worry you’re in good company...



Are you over 30?

If you're lucky enough to be over 30, then you'll be experiencing a drop in your collagen levels.

You're actually losing about 1% - 2% of your collagen every year.


Reclaim your glow


And to help you reclaim your glow once again, there's skin firming marine Collagen.

It helps to support elasticity and shields your skin against visible signs of ageing

”my skin's looking better”


”Have been taking this for several months and my skin's looking better than it did 10 years ago.” - J.A. ShopperApproved Independent Review 


Collagen Complex Highlights

  • Your instant Collagen boost just add to water
  • For normal collagen formation*
  • 5000mg sustainable hydrolysed marine collagen per serving
  • Free from artificial additives, sweeteners and preservatives



"love the results"


"I love the results I'm getting from Collagen Complex" - Sue  ShopperApproved Independent Review 

"Definitely feels softer"


"My skin… definitely feels softer, without a hint of dryness. One deeper line has now noticeably softened" - review by


Your Collagen Boost in 15 seconds

Just add two teaspoons into a glass of water, mix and drink, and that's your daily collagen boost in just 15 seconds!



Increase your collagen

It's a natural way to increase your collagen. With Organic vitamin C* contributing to normal collagen formation.


'Free from'

What’s more, unlike other collagen products, it's made with 50% organic ingredients.


It's free from all artificial additives, sweeteners and preservatives.


Clinical Study on Naticol® Collagen 

 Based on taking Naticol® collagen daily for 8 weeks, results clinically show that a regular intake of Naticol® collagen should improve skin firmness and reduce wrinkles.



(The clinical study was double-blind, randomised, against placebo, to evaluate the anti-ageing potential of taking 5000mg Naticol® collagen daily, conducted at CPCAD, Nice, France.)  


Did you know?


Golden Greens Fact: Your body naturally produces both collagen and hyaluronic acid? 

Collagen keeps your skin smooth and firm and hyaluronic acid helps keep it hydrated and looking plump and toned.


However both collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases with age.




Naticol® hydrolysed marine collagen (sustainably derived from Pangasius and Tilapia fish) hyaluronic acid, organic lucumca, blueberry and acerola powders


Suggested Use: 10g (2 tsp) daily. For an instant Collagen boost add to water, juice or smoothies and mix well.



Do not exceed the recommended intake, and should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.


Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Golden Greens Expert Organic Collagen Complex 100g
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