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Femergy 60 Caps (OUT OF STOCK)


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Femergy™ Original works to increase energy and vitality through ingredients which are proven to enhance the body's metabolism, reduce temporary feelings of tiredness and enhance sexual alertness.

The caffeine and sugar-free formulation contains wholefood ingredients which are gentle on your stomach and designed to work in harmony with your body's cycle.

Taken daily but also when tiredness strikes, its powerful formulation nourishes and revives your body with positive effects that build over time.


In Femergy™ Original you will find the following…

Brazilian ginseng (Suma), Peruvian maca extract, ginkgo biloba extract, cayenne pepper, grape seed extract, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate.

We take great pride in sourcing the most bioavailable, active ingredients.

This product is suitable for females from 12 years of age. This product is also suitable for those on a vegan, vegetarian, diabetic or coeliac diet.

Gluten free – Wheat free - Dairy free - Yeast free - Soy free - No added sugar, colours, yeast or preservatives

Femergy 60 Caps (OUT OF STOCK) - Health Emporium
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