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Now available in a 5 multipack, perfect for families. Smartdot™ is programmed to harmonise or retune the electromagnetic frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly.

Official EMF Protection partner for elite athletes including: Wigan Warriors - Super League Champions, Salford Reds & London Broncos, Ryan Vickers Superstock 600 Champion 2018 riding for Royal Air Force Reserves team expertly managed by Lee Hardy

  • Harmonize harmful wireless radiation relieving the effects of Electro-Stress
  • Supports better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus, fewer headaches and an overall feeling of boundingly colourful, wonderful energy!
  • Natural energy support to boost your energy levels. Stick to your wireless items, priorities: mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors etc.
  • Low Powered Magnet programmed with a high vibration natural energy
    bioDOT 5 PACK BEST DEAL - Health Emporium
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    Joint Pain and Arthritis SUPER DUO Artrosilium and Flexicose Offer
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