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Combination N Tissue Salt


Combination N is a homeopathically prepared biochemic tissue salt remedy for Menstrual Pain. If you think you have menstrual pain, consult a registered medical practitioner. If you are already receiving treatment, tell your doctor you are also taking this product. In homoeopathic potencies, equal proportions of: Calc Phos (Calcium Phosphate BPC) 6X. Kali Mur (Potassium Chloride PH Eur) 6X. Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate BPC 1949) 6X. Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate BPC 1949) 6X.

Contains sucrose. Dissolve 4 tablets on the tongue. Take 3 doses a day. Frequency may be increased to every half hour if required. Tablets to be dissolved on the tongue. Take 3 or 4 doses a day. Increase dose to every half hour if needed.

700 pillules

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