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Candida Protocol Sheet


Candida Albicans - Comprehensive Treatment Protocol Yeast bodies like Candida albicans can exist in multiple forms. The round-bodied yeast form can be killed by the normal anti-fungals. The problem with unwanted yeasts is that when under attack, they have a propensity for morphing into long, strand-like forms called Hyphae. These hyphae can burrow into the tissues and leave the body spaces that they normally inhabit as yeast bodies. This way, they get away from the anti-fungals and morph into the resistant hyphae, which can invade the blood stream, organs and even the brain. So yeast can move from the lumen of the colon or gut and invade the surrounding tissues, then travelling around and invading all parts of the body. It is quite sobering to consider that candida albicans can invade all the soft mucus membranes anywhere in the body and in immune-compromised patients (e.g. HIV AIDS, transplant patients), candida albicans can invade the bronchii, lungs and even the eyes. Death by pneumonia usually follows, sadly just after blindness sets in. The cause of death for Aids patients is normally given as pneumonia but it more probable that it is was the candida albicans that led to that pneumonia. So the burrowing hyphae stage is the big problem and the source of repeated infection cycles. An old-fashioned herbal extract called Gymnemia Sylvestre has recently been found to reconvert the hyphae back into yeast-body form, which can then be killed by the anti-fungals. So the best form of treatment for Candida Albicans is a multi-pronged attack as follows: Name of remedy Action Notes

Gymnemia Sylvestre Changes hyphae back into yeast bodies – out of the body tissues Recent published research finding

Horopito Antifungal - kills yeast bodies Horopito is a derivative of tea tree – a powerful, natural anti-fungal

Resveratrol Antioxidant – helps to kill yeast bodies Powerful anti-oxidant helps to reduce yeasts Oregano oil capsules Powerful anti-fungal – kills yeast bodies Capsules much easier to take than liquid oil Molybdenum Helps to deal with die-off; as the yeast bodies die off, they burst and release large amounts of acetaldehyde; the body cannot deal with this but molybdenum will help the body break this down and reduce the die-back symptoms. Most of the Candida Protocols can all be purchased separately or in a complete treatment bundle as a package:

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