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Candida Protocol Bundle


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Candida Protocol Bundle:  Please see free information sheet about Candida protocols 

A new approach to an old problem. See the original scientific paper here: Gymnemic Acids Inhibit Hyphal Growth and Virulence in Candida albicans

Taymount Clinic has prepared a leaflet summarising this new approach and making it simple. The basic fact is that Candida albicans exists as a yeast in a round-bodied form, where it inhabits the spaces in the body, colon, vagina, throat, etc. When it is under any kind of threat, either from its own overgrowth and over-crowding or attempts with antifungals to kill it, then it morphs into long, strand-like forms called hyphae. These hyphae can penetrate the tissues and then make their way into the organs of the body, hence giving rise to the systemic effects – the long list of which most systemic Candidiasis sufferers can probably write for themselves. Up until now, it has not been possible to kill of the hyphae form with any kind of antifungals from Nystatin to Oregano.
So now we have scientific evidence that Gymnemic acids (available in good health stores as: Gymnemia Sylvestre) makes the hyphae re-morph back into the yeast body form, which we can then tackle with the antifungals with a much greater degree of success.

Good news for candida sufferers everywhere.

Pack includes : 

NOW Gymnesia Sylvestre 60's
Terranova Resveratrol 50's or Solaray 60's or Solgar Resveratrol 30's
KOLOREX Vaginal Care Her Balance  (Horopito) 60's
Biocare Molybdenum (drops)
Oregano Capsules (either Solgar 60's or Biocare 90's or Solaray 60's)
Candida Protocol Bundle - Health Emporium
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