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50g Waterfall D-Mannose® Powder

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Waterfall D-Mannose, a long established and trusted brand is sold throughout Europe and the rest of the world and helps thousands of people every day get relief from urine infections,.and maintain perfect bladder health.  Waterfall D-Mannose powder is bio-active, natural, and completely safe to use long term as a daily preventative.


100% Bio-Active D Mannose. Nothing else.

Waterfall D-Mannose, a simple monosaccharide, offers safe and consistent results at a time when bacterial resistance (e.g. ESBL and MRSA, for example) is causing serious concern to doctors, pharmacist and patients. Sold and trusted by private and trade customers worldwide since 2003, it supports a healthy bladder, prostate, and urinary tract, and has achieved remarkable results, particularly against E.coli infections (accounts for approx.90%+ of UTIs). Adhering like Velcro to bacteria, it flushes them out safely and naturally.

Our D-Mannose is:

  • 100% Natural D-Mannose.
  • 100% Bioactive.
  • Trusted Worldwide by thousands of users - See our Customer Stories Here.
  • Normally received the next day.
  • Supported by an unrivalled customer service team with over 10 years experience

Waterfall D-Mannose & Pregnancy: 

There have been no double-blind clinical trials concerning using  d-mannose when pregnant. However, in the over 70 years of use, there have never been any teratogenic effects  shown, and many hundreds of our customers have reported taking the WDM (Waterfall  D-Mannose) all during their pregnancy, with zero ill effects either on  themselves or on the baby.

There is D Mannose present in every body cell already.

There are a couple of points you might want to bear in mind:

It's only a rare sugar, but taking a huge amount of Waterfall  D-Mannose can cause diahorrhea (and sometimes minor nausea), because it flushes the E.coli out of the colon under these circumstances, so  it's probably best to stick to a dose level that can more easily be absorbed, when pregnant. The normal dose is, start with a heaped  teaspoonful, and then take a level teaspoonful every three hours.

You might want to start with a level teaspoonful...

 Finally, please remember that although we have a lot of experience in  this area (nearly 14 years), and we have done extensive research and accumulated a lot of knowledge of cystitis and related conditions, and  on the reactions to our product, we can't take account of anything we are not aware of in individual circumstances, and people should always  consult their doctor before changing medical treatments, or taking ANY alternative remedy or drug, especially when pregnant. 

There is only D Mannose in Waterfall D mannose® powder and there are no other added "sugars". Its calorific value is approximately 2-4 per gram (some versions add cheaper sugars like

D Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar, an isomer of glucose; the body produces it from glucose naturally.  D-Mannose is an isomer D-glucose and naturally occurs as a monosaccharide in fruits like pineapple and Aloe Vera and tree bark, for example.

 Despite some caloric value, mannose is generally considered suitable for a diabetic diet because studies suggest that in humans, the vast majority of mannose is absorbed into the bloodstream unchanged; only a negligible amount of mannose is metabolized and converted to glycogen.

Our experience and research since 2003 shows that pure d mannose as an isomer of glucose does not act like glucose and its effect on metabolism is not statistically traceable.  We have hundreds of diabetic customers, for example, who while they must continue to monitor their sugar, have never once expressed problems with taking WDM. 

"D-mannose is very safe, even for long-term use .... Although D-mannose is a simple sugar, very little of it is metabolized. It doesn't interfere with blood sugar regulation, even for diabetics. It creates no disruption or imbalance in normal body microflora. It's safe even for pregnant women and very small children. In the less than 10% of cases where the infection is a bacterium other than E. coli, antibiotics can be started in plenty of time." Dr Wright

 "In man as in animals, mannose does not stimulate pancreatic release of insulin, nor is it actively absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, nor does there appear to be significant active reabsorption

of mannose by the kidney."   (Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital)  

Proteins, D Mannose and UTiS.

 As well as binding to E.Coli, D Mannose is now thought to create a protein that is a defence against UTI’s. The Tamm-Horsfall protein (THP) is produced by renal cells and is the most abundant urinary protein found in mammals. The physiological function of THP has not been fully understood previously but research position now indicates that it is a vital antimicrobial molecule for success in combatting urinary tract infection (UTI). 

“. Another possible explanation for the efficacy of D-mannose is its relationship to Tamm-Horsfall protein. This glycoprotein, produced by renal cells and excreted in the urine, plays a key role in the body's defence against UTIs. Tamm-Horsfall protein contains a large number of high-mannose structures, which appear to account for its infection-fighting activity. It is possible that orally administered D-mannose works primarily by facilitating the synthesis or promoting the activation of Tamm-Horsfall protein. Thousands of people are grateful to Dr. Wright for discovering the benefits of D-mannose and telling the world about it.” Alan R. Gaby, MD

References: 1.   Wright JV, Lenard L. D-Mannose and Bladder Infection. Auburn, WA: Dragon Art; 2001. 2..   Altarac S, Papes D. Use of D-mannose in prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women. BJU Int. 2014;113:9–10.4.   Serafini-Cessi F et al. N-Glycans carried by Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein have a crucial role in the defence against urinary tract diseases. Glycoconj J. 2005;22:383–394.

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