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VEA BUCATO is a natural washing powder obtained exclusively by using only raw vegetable materials palm-oil and palm kernel oil of the highest quality (not recycled). VEA BUCATO also contains VEA OLIO (vitamin E in its purest state) which softens your clothes and protects delicate skin. Contains no animal fat, no fragrances, no sulfonate or synthetic detergents, no essential oils no additives, no preservatives.

For delicate hand wash or machine wash;
For people who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions or intollerance to ordinary washing powders,fragrances, colour additives and preservatives;
For a natural wash;

For hand wash 1 table spoon for every 1 litre of water; for washing machines 2 scoops for 5kg of clothes.
For machine wash it recommended that you dissolve in a glass of luke warm water (20 degrees centigrade) then pour into the machine basin.
Keep away from the reach of children. 100natural, hypoallergenic, formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reaction.

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When buying high-quality health products, it's important to know you are shopping with an authorised supplier. We are fully authorised stockists of the premium brands Solgar and Viridian.

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