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Lovechock - Pineapple / Inca


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Lovechock - Pineapple / Inca – love at first bite! 

A tempting, hand made raw chocolate bar, lovingly prepared using entirely natural ingredients, including raw cacao, fresh pineapple and Incan berries. A delicious snack between meals and ideal directly before or immediately after a rigorous workout. 

Product Benefits 

  • A 100% organic and totally hand made chocolate bar, containing indulgent raw cacao
  • Contains a variety of nutrients including tryptophan, phenylethylamine (PEA), anandamide and flavonols
  • Sweetened using dried coconut blossom nectar, which means that these delicious raw chocolate bars rank low on the glycaemic index 
  • Contains no milk, soya or gluten 

Suggested Use

 A tempting, hand made organic bar, lovingly prepared from raw cacao.  Lovechock bars make a satisfying and sensible snack between meals and are absolutely ideal directly before or immediately after a rigorous workout. Store in a cool, dry place. 


Lovechock are entirely devoted to producing the finest, most delectable raw chocolate bars, all of which boast the intense flavour and pure essence of raw cacao and are crammed with whole pieces of 100% organic super fruits and nuts.

They use only cold ground cacao from Arriba Nacional beans, as this superior variety of bean retains an optimum amount of natural nutrients and comes from certified organic suppliers who ensure that local farmers receive a fair price for their cacao. 

Quantity and Dosage 

One Lovechock bar weighs 40 grams and can be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet, at any time of day. 


  • The raw cacao contained in organic Lovechock bars has been cold ground to retain an optimum amount of natural nutrients.
  • Raw cacao contains 1% theobromine, which is a mild type of caffeine. 


Cacao mass, cacao butter, dried coconut blossom nectar, dried pineapple, dried mango, dried physalis berries, lucuma powder, vanilla powder, sea salt.

Lovechock - Pineapple / Inca - Health Emporium
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