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Blessed Herbs The Para Cleansing Kit


Don’t be absurd. You’d know if you had parasites... right?

The thought that we could be playing host to a number of unwanted guests, that are helping themselves to our essential nutrients and making us feel generally unwell, really is a frightening prospect. However, frightening as it is, that could absolutely be the case. Many of us, completely unaware that parasites even exist, let alone that they may be living inside us, lack knowledge on how to rid ourselves of these critters. And why bother if they’re not doing us any harm? Well, you know that occasional digestive distress, unexplained fatigue, those muscle aches/pains/twitches, or even skin irritation? That could all be as the result of these creatures.

It’s thought that up to 90% of the population has at least one parasite[1]. Not only do they rob us of vital nutrients, they leave behind toxins in their waste that can cause damage to vital organs and stop our bodies from functioning as they should. Scarily, because they are often microscopic, they have the ability to go about this completely undetected for years. However, despite their ability to stay so well hidden, there are ways in which we can put a stop to their reign of terror.

The Blessed Herbs Para Cleansing Kit will thoroughly cleanse the body, ridding it of toxins waste and uninvited guests.

Can I avoid parasites?

It’s true that most of us do what we can to keep ourselves healthy. We’re careful about what and, indeed, where we eat. However, even the cleanest and most meticulous amongst us is likely to have at least one parasite, and that’s because they’re so incredibly easy to pick up. We’re exposed to the invisible eggs almost everywhere that we go; in our homes, in the workplace, at schools and in our favourite restaurants. Scarily, they could even reside in our drinking water. It is, therefore, vital to cleanse at least once a year to stop parasites from wreaking havoc on our health.

Is Blessed Herbs Para Cleansing Kit the best?

Yes! The easy to follow 12 day programme is convenient and will not interfere with your hectic lifestyle. Expertly formulated by master herbalists, the 2 step kit will aid you in performing a full parasite cleanse, as well as flush out all the waste and toxins in your body.

Unlike many other parasite cleansers on the market, the Blessed Herbs para Cleanse is a mild, non-fasting programme with 3 targeted parasite-cleansing liquids, which help to completely rid the body of unwanted pests. Its herbal ingredients support your body’s natural digestive and eliminatory functions, for long lasting health.

Don’t worry; the Blessed Herbs Para Cleansing Kit won’t have you running for the bathroom all day long. It doesn’t contain any harsh laxatives but, rather, masterfully combines 38 different herbs for optimum results.

The right herbs in the right formula to cleanse and rejuvenate your body!

Which Toxin Absorber is for me?


Choose ginger if any if the following applies to you:

- If you are mostly cold, or only feel warm in the afternoon/evening (night sweats)

- If you prefer to be warm than cold, except when experiencing a hot spell

- If you have cold extremities

- CAUTION: if you have hiatus hernia, opt for ginger because peppermint can cause more acid reflux.

peppermintChoose peppermint if any if the following applies to you:

- If you are warm most of the time

- If you prefer to be cold than warm

- If you occasionally have a burning sensation in your stomach

- CAUTION: if you are taking anticoagulant/antiplatelet drugs or aspirin choose peppermint because ginger, at high doses, may increase the blood-thinning effect of these drugs.

Meet the master herbalists

Painstakingly developed to achieve optimum results, the Blessed Herbs line of products has been formulated by a team of highly qualified herbalists. With over 30 years of experience within the industry, they have created numerous herbal remedies that are proven to effectively cleanse the body and lead to a happier, healthier you.

Amanda McQuade Crawford is a medical herbalist, author, educator and advocate for natural health. She earned her phytotherapy degree from Britain’s College of Phytotherapy, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Amanda specialises in the field of menopause and women’s herbal remedies.

Jim Sullivan, ND, has been a pioneer of herbal treatments and naturopathy for the past 30 years. He is well renowned and highly respected in his field. Achieving his degree from Kansas Newman College and his doctorate from National College of Natural Medicine, Jim integrates his knowledge of ancient healing practices with modern medical science. He works as the research and development technical advisor for new products at Blessed Herbs.

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