Prescript Assist - One of the best Probiotics Posted on 30 Jul 10:51

Prescript Assist is a soil based pro-biotic containing 29 different strains of beneficial bacteria plus a prebiotic backed by a product specific research (with gold standard methodology -placebo controlled, double blind, longitudinal).

In soiled-based probiotics, such as Prescript-Assist each cell is protected by a durable seed- like structure. As a result they are safeguarded against light, heat and pressure. Tests show that Prescript Assist retains more than 95% of its potency two years after the date of manufacture, even when stored at 98 degrees. Prescript Assist also contains a pre-biotic in order to feed the pro-biotics once they reach the colon. Conversely lacto- and bifido based products have to start with a higher bacteria count to try combat the massive loss (99%+) during manufacturing, storage, and via stomach acid degredation.

I currently own a Health Shop in the Algarve and recently ordered Prescript-Assist. I was sent a few sample packets to try. After taking a two day supply was completely AMAZED at the difference it made in such a short time! I have since stopped taking 6 other supplements that were offering a bit of help but this is the most incredible MIRACLE I have ever tried! I cannot stress enough, that if you suffer from any GI problems please, please try this product. Like me, you will be so happy that you did! Gone are all abdominal problems, irregular bowel movements , cramping and pain! In a matter of days! I cannot wait to share this with my fellow customers who are also sufferers!

Having been in the Complementary Health Industry for more than 25 years I have seen practically every product possible directed at a very common complaint suffered by a large percentage of the population and that is Gastro-Intestinal problems. As a sufferer of IBS myself , I have never found that "magical" solution to my troublesome and often painful condition. That is until NOW!!
Meri Hanlin - Harmony Earth- Portugal