VEA Oris Spray 20ml - £13.00

ORAL SPRAY - this is our very unique formulation designed for the oral cavity with just two ingredients, Vitamin E for the first time in use for the oral cavity and throat. An ideal product for subjects intolerant, allergic or with hyperreactivity of the mucosa or idiosyncrasy. Effective because it is rich in Vitamin E, providing an antioxidant, filmogenic and protective action, also reepithelializes, soothes itching and calms swelling. For dry throat, sore throat, gums, mouth ulcers. a  no- touch application with a 360° rotatable spray head, tasteless with no odour.

VEA ORIS contains VEA Olio (pure Vitamin E acetate) delivering an antioxidant and protective action for the hygiene and well being of the oral cavity. This simple formula consisting of only two ingredients (pure vitamin E acetate and polydecene) is nickel and gluten tested, and free of alcohol, aroma, essential oil, preservatives and colourants.
Rendering VEA ORIS a perfect product for people who are intolerant and prone to allergic reactions or hyperactivity of the mucosa or idiosyncrasy.

For the well-being and hygiene of the mouth;
Easy to apply liquid formula, with spray applicator;
Promotes natural healing;
Calms and soothes sore throat and swollen glandes;
Cleans and alleviates discomfort;
Combats dry mouth;

Spray on desired area directly into mouth 2-3 times a day.
Before use remove the protection cap and keep out of reach of children.Not suitable for people who are sensitive to any of the ingredients contained in this product.